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The perfect jewelry for every story

Jewelry has the unique power to tell stories. Extraordinary, quality jewelry symbolizes a chapter in their lives for many people. We have the perfect piece of jewelry for every occasion or life event.

Our jewelry

Trouwringen | Eternity bands
Verloving | Special occasion
One of a kind

Our diamonds

Natural diamonds

Diamonds are made under pressure. And we don't just mean that poetically. Deep underground, carbon is exposed to extremely high pressure and temperatures for millions of years. The result? A crystal that shines like no other, because of all the gemstones, a diamond has the finest refractive index of light. Expensive machines, techniques and an lot of manpower bring this beauty above ground, and thanks to the craftsmanship of a master polisher, the stone sparkles like never before.

Labgrown diamonds

Although it was always thought to be impossible, man has managed to mimic the conditions of the growth of natural diamonds. By eliminating the expensive mining process, these labgrown diamonds are cheaper than the natural diamond, but the composition, brilliance and hardness are exactly the same. One a wonder of nature, the other a wonder of mankind, but both 100% diamond.

Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that makes you feel unique.

— Elizabeth Tailor

Only the best is good enough

For generations, the Loots family has derived its pride from perfectly cut diamonds of outstanding quality. Today, Bart tracks from rough to polished all gemstones to ensure the quality our customers deserve. We work with high colors and qualities of diamond, always conflict free. In addition, we only work with a trusted master polisher who time and again ensures optimal brilliance according to the rules of art.

Do you prefer to see colored diamonds or other gemstones? Sapphires, emeralds or rubies can usually be found in our one of a kind series, but we are also happy to customize them for you.

I am already looking forward to my wedding rings

With Bart you immediately have the feeling that everything is going to be all right. Honesty and an eye for detail are of paramount importance here, he is very transparent and takes into account all your wishes. I had a certain image in my head for an engagement ring and he worked this out perfectly. I am very happy with the service and very much looking forward to the wedding rings.

— Rosius Michiel

Very customer friendly

Lou Jewels is a young, dynamic company where customer friendliness is central. Thanks to Bart's years of experience, they meet the customer in all their needs and requirements.

— Yannik Spanoghe

Wonderful products

Many beautiful styles of rings, something for everyone.

— Willy B.